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If your sense of taste or smell is impaired, you're missing out on some of the most basic pleasures life has to offer.

Few health professionals recognize the seriousness and impact of these problems, and even fewer know how to properly diagnose and cure them.

That's why Dr. Robert I. Henkin established the Taste and Smell Clinic over 40 years ago. He's spent a career researching, writing, diagnosing, and curing the problems that cause an estimated 21 million Americans to suffer loss or impairment of these vital senses.

Test Your Senses

Taste and Smell Impact Test (TASIT) will help you understand how taste and smell dysfunction may affect your life.

Recent Presentation

Sonic hedgehog (Shh) in parotid saliva is a cell signaling moiety that acts on stem cells in taste buds to maintain normal taste function. Experimental Biology 2017 Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, April 24, 2017. A presentation by Dr. Robert Henkin to conference attendees.

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