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Through years of evaluation and treatment of patients with taste and smell dysfunction at the Taste and Smell Clinic, specific methods and techniques have proven useful in caring for patients with these symptoms. Taste
Treatment takes several forms:
  1. If your taste and smell dysfunction is a symptom of an underlying disease process, after this process is diagnosed, treatment of the process will usually correct your symptoms. For example, patients with hypothyroidism may have taste and smell dysfunction as the major symptoms of this process; through use of diagnostic tests this process can be determined, hormone treatment instituted and the taste and smell dysfunction corrected.

  2. If your taste and smell dysfunction is related to some other disease process the diagnostic procedures employed at The Clinic will determine which of several biochemical, metabolic or other pathologies initiated your symptoms. Following discovery of this pathology a specific treatment protocol will be made for you to correct your symptoms. Treatment includes usually requires oral drug therapy to correct the pathology. These drugs are safe and effective for treatment of these conditions and include various growth factors, drugs to enhance growth factor function, drugs to increase gene function, and drugs to enhance CNS function. Electrophysiological techniques are also used to correct your symptoms. Each treatment modality is effective only after obtaining a specific diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms.

Because you may live at a distance from The Clinic you can feel assured that your treatment will be continued until your symptoms are corrected. While at The Clinic you will be instructed to use an established quantitative technique to monitor your progress. You will communicate with The Clinic at specified time periods by, e-mail, fax or telephone and a specific evaluation of your status made. Changes in treatment will be instituted to continue your improvement. As necessary, return appointments to The Clinic may be made, but these are kept to a minimum and only at critical choice points in your treatment protocol.

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