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Question 1: Can Taste and Smell Problems be Treated?

Answer 1: YES. Taste and smell problems, both loss of acuity and presence of distortions are symptoms related to underlying disease processes which can be evaluated and then treated based upon this evaluation. Just as with many other clinical symptoms (e.g., joint pains, headaches) there is no one disease process or no one cause responsible for the symptoms and therefore no one treatment to correct them. Patients with these symptoms must be individually, carefully evaluated so that each symptoms cause can be ascertained. The the symptom can be treated effectively. Most patients who come the The Clinic in Washington, DC with these symptoms are successfully evaluated and treated so that their sensory function is restored and their distortions are inhibited. Others who claim that these symptoms cannot be treated are unaware or unconcerned about confirmed reports in the peer-reviewed medical literature which demonstrate that these symptoms are part of specific disease processes and they can be successfully treated. There is hope for you both to understand the cause of your symptoms and to their successful treatment.

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