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Question 1: What does the treatment at The Clinic consist of?

Answer 1:
Since symptoms of taste and smell dysfunction usually relate to an underlying disease process affecting the biochemistry of the body understanding these changes and correcting them usually involve correction of a biochemical defect through use of a specific drug or drugs. It is also possible that electrophysiological treatment through a process called transcranial magnetic stimulation may be useful to help you. These and other novel and traditional techniques will be made available to help you. Each treatment modality is safe and approved by the FDA. No experimental therapy is used at The Clinic.

Question 2: Can Dr. Henkin guarantee that I will get better if I come to The Clinic?

Answer 2: Since taste and smell dysfunction are only symptoms, they reflect changes in your body metabolism which caused these symptoms. It is not possible to guarantee improvement in these symptoms without extensive knowledge of the disease process that caused them. However, once the cause of your symptoms is ascertained it will be possible to predict both the length of time required and the odds for your improvement. For some causes, 100% of patients improve; for some causes 33% of patients improve. Without treatment no improvement occurs.

Question 3: If I live at a distance from The Clinic how will any treatment I receive be monitored so that I can get better?

Answer 3: At The Clinic during your visit you will be instructed to monitor quantitatively the degree and character of your symptoms. After you are treated at The Clinic, the monitoring process will be continued. You will be followed by FAX, e-mail and/or telephone by Dr. Henkin at regular intervals so that your treatment can be monitored. Changes in treatment strategy, drug dose, etc will be made based upon the changes which you undergo.

Question 4: If I develop any side effects of treatment what do I do if I live at a distance from The Clinic?

Answer 4:
You will call Dr. Henkin at The Clinic immediately if any problem with treatment occurs. He will discuss with you what your problems are and will act to remove any detrimental effects of treatment.

Question 5: Are there patients whom Dr. Henkin has treated whom I can talk to who have received benefit from his treatment?

Answer 5:
It is medically unethical to release names of patients seen at The Clinic without their written formal consent.

Question 6: Will Dr. Henkin send information to my local physician about me or about taste and smell dysfunction?

Answer 6: As a patient at The Clinic Dr. Henkin will send a complete report to your referring physician about your diagnosis and treatment at The Clinic. If your local physician wishes information about taste and smell he can examine this website and review the research section or he can write directly to Dr. Henkin who will answer questions which your physician may have. However, you should remember that taste and smell dysfunction are only symptoms, as such, and they do not establish the cause of your problem. The cause, which is necessary to understand before treatment can be given is usually complex and requires the specialized clinical evaluation and testing present available only at The Clinic.

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