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Question 1: How do I make an appointment at The Clinic?

Answer 1: You may call 202-364-4180, FAX 202-364-9727 or e-mail The Clinic at with your interest in coming to The Clinic as a patient.

Question 2: What happens to me when I visit The Clinic?

Answer 2: You will be a patient in The Clinic on a Friday for 4-5 hr. You will come fasting from midnight on the Thursday night before you arrive but you should drink water. You will fill out a 3-day diet record which will be sent to you to complete before you arrive. At The Clinic you will undergo a complete diagnostic evaluation of your complaints-click on DIAGNOSIS for further details. After this initial visit your symptoms will be discussed with you with respect to the underlying cause which initiated your symptoms. Over the weekend you will do those tests necessary to complete your diagnostic evaluation. You will also be instructed about the use of a response form to quantitate the degree and type of your symptoms. You will return to The Clinic on the next Monday to begin treatment after the diagnostic evaluation is completed and the cause of your symptoms determined.

Question 3: How long must I stay in Washington, D.C. to have this evaluation and treatment performed?

Answer 3:
We have developed a simple, rapid method for you to be evaluated and treated. Patients from a distance come to The Clinic on a Friday for evaluation. Testing continues over the weekend. On the next Monday, all diagnostic tests are completed, integrated and a specific, personal treatment protocol is made for you based upon the cause of your symptoms.

Question 4: Why do I have to stay in Washington, DC for a whole weekend to get evaluated and treated?

Answer 4:
In order to understand the cause of your symptoms extensive clinical and laboratory studies are necessary. Laboratory studies require extensive measurement of many parameters of substances in your blood serum, red blood cells, urine, saliva and nasal mucus. Electrophysiological, neuroradiological and neurological tests may have to be performed to establish the cause of your symptoms. These studies require time to collect, schedule, perform and interpret. You will also be required to record the character and degree of your symptoms and this requires time and practice. We have found that a weekend is the shortest time period necessary to establish your diagnosis and formulate a specific treatment protocol for you based upon establishment of the underlying cause for your symptoms. Hotel rooms in Washington, DC are less expensive over the weekend than during the week.

Question 5: Where do I stay in Washington, DC while these tests are performed?

Answer 5:
There are a variety of hotels in Washington, DC and the surrounding area. We have provided a list of a few hotels located near The Clinic. Click here for a list of these places.

Question 6: Do I need to be referred to The Clinic by my local physician?

Answer 6:
It is in your best interests to have your local physician refer you to The Clinic. Your prior visits and tests your own physician ordered for you will help us help you. We will send your physician results of tests performed at The Clinic and explain what your problems are and how they are being treated. Your insurance company may also prefer you to be referred by your "gatekeeper" physician.

Question 7: Will I have to return to The Clinic after my initial appointment?

Answer 7:
Most patients' treatment is monitored by e-mail, FAX, or telephone at regular intervals so that return visits to The Clinic are limited. However, if treatment is not completely successful a return visit to The Clinic 4-6 months after your initial visit is useful to identify the reasons for your lack of improvement and to establish an additional or different methods of treatment to help you.

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