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April 2022

Stem Cells and Memory in Smell and Taste Function

In order for and taste and smell receptors to function they require the action of stem cells which act as the repository of all aspects of taste and smell function. If growth factors do not act on stem cell function then they do not allow taste and smell receptors to grow and develop.

Stem cells retain the memory of cellular function and are modalities of growth factor stimulation of sensory receptor growth and development through cellular plasticity induced by action of specific growth factors on these stem cells which exhibit plasticity and allow growth and development of these sensory receptors. These stem cells accumulate discrete epigenetic memories of their past sensory experiences which affect their functional response to the action of growth factor which allow the stem cells to play their role in sensory function.

For further explanation see:

Uy Gonzales, Kevin Andrew et al. Stem Cells Expand Potency and Alter Tissue Fitness by Accumulating Diverse Epigenetic Memories, Science, 374, p. 1097.