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February 2017

More about intranasal Theophylline to treat smell loss

We have used intranasal Theophylline to treat smell loss (hyposmia) for over one year. We have been using a new dispenser. This is a commonly available plastic dispenser similar to that used in most commonly available nasal sprays.

We have developed this preparation to be delivered directly as a nasal spray twice onto each nostril on a daily basis. The spray is delivered directly into the nasal cavity such that it does not travel into the throat or come out of the nose.

The spray is without side effects. This is different from the use of oral medication in that there are side effects after oral Theophylline.

Smell improvement after intranasal Theophylline has occurred as early as two weeks after spray initiation. There is much more rapid response than after oral Theophylline administration.

Taste function appears to improve with the onset of smell improvement.